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Dragon Launch

2012-10-01 17:27:09 by Yonika

We have completed a game in 8 days!
I am very excited and proud of this coder!
Hazzard77 (nicekill) made a great effort and
worked daily to complete this project in time!

Please Check it out on FGL and give us
some feedback!


Dragon Launch

Make a game bfore the week is up!

2012-09-21 14:10:49 by Yonika

If you love creating games and want to improve then test yourself!
If your usual game development takes around a month or 2 then try
testing yourself and finish something in a week!

Personally this is very fun for me and I love creating something that
is fun and great to play.

So if you have an idea stuck in your mind and you keep saying you'll
do that small game when your done with everything else just start
creating and get someone to work with you for just a week!

Test how fast you can create something and how well you are at
coming up with great ideas in a short amount of time.

The biggest part of developing a game is great coder/artist. You
need to work together and keep a good track of work flow.
Of course make sure you have sound and music being made
at the beginning of the week.

Anyways good luck and leave feed back if you think you can
create a game in 1 week!

Something about game Design

2012-09-04 00:21:50 by Yonika

Hi guys, I just wanted to say a few things to those that might have frustration and problem getting a little slow with designing a game.

This game is finally complete! I am very happy with the outcome of the whole game and I enjoy playing this from time to time and I will most deferentially continue to further game design and try to improve each and every time. The process in making a game is long, Very stressful at times, and is hard work. Although sometimes I wonder if this is the right career to stick with and start looking somewhere else to work, I always end up thinking of more ideas for one of my games or wonder how another is doing after its been uploaded or sponsored. Game design always brings me back and makes me love creating something new and perfect in my taste. If you are wondering if this might not be the right thing for you, keep going and creating games you enjoy playing and see how you feel after your game gets sponsored and people start commenting on it.

If you keep up with my posts and see my games then please leave a comment and let me know what you think.
I always want to see if there is something that might need improvement or a way to make the game more fun for players and what others might want to see in it.

Anyways if you lose interest in the project your working on and need a bit of encouragement just give it a few days and you may start thinking and craving to finish what your working on.


2012-06-21 01:56:17 by Yonika

Come check out our new game "THIS IS MY PLANET" on FGL
Rate fairly please and let me know what you think!


2012-05-04 17:01:57 by Yonika

Hello everyone! My game THIS IS MY PLANET is almost finished! Ill have the game posted real soon! Here are some game play photos to give more of an idea on what you will be doing and how to play. I hope you keep tuned in and let me know what you think!



2012-04-19 23:12:49 by Yonika

Hello everyone,
I am posting about my next project THIS IS MY PLANET and it's almost complete!
Ill have it up as soon as I can to play. Its mainly about protecting your planet and
shooting space ships and destroying them before you and your planet are destroyed.

Keep a look out it will be here soon!
THANKS! -Courtney



2011-10-10 18:33:25 by Yonika

Finally finished my Thunderstruck movie! Shortly Ill have it put on here!

Need AS3 Programmer!

2011-09-29 21:30:05 by Yonika

Hello I'm currently looking for someone that knows AS3 to program a few of my games with the art already completed and would like to get started right away! They are small and simple games and wouldn't take but a month or two to complete. If you are interested please let me know and I will give you some contact information! Thank you!


Need A Graphic Artist?!?!?

2011-04-28 18:18:00 by Yonika

Hey everyone!!
I am currently looking for small projects to do
with anyone that needs an artist.
I am willing to work with anyone to get more
practice under my belt and to have more games
out there.
Please, If you have any questions or would like
to start a project email me!

Courtney :)

I am searching for job!

2011-04-25 16:26:40 by Yonika

Im looking for new projects to practice on, I am willing to work everyday on the art and to work with anyone. Please contact me if you need any help!